Monday, October 08, 2007

Ieud - Wooden Church, Birth of the Virgin Mary Church, Maramures

Ieud dates to the Bronze Age, see

This is a back angle of the Birth of the Virgin Mary Church, on a hill, and built 1365.  The other well-known church is far fancier, in the valley, and is called the Wooden Cathedral, built on a plain in 1699 after the last Tartar invasion. The guide will come right in your car to show the way, and our guide was highly educated and bilingual.

Ieud, Romania. Wooden church,  Birth of the Virgin Mary Church, Maramures, Romania; and guide

People proud of their heritage are concerned that Romanian history is being distorted with so much stress on Vlad. Here is our guide in Ieud, Maramures, Extremely well informed and articulate.This place housed many of Romania's most treasured documents, see

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