Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Brancusi, sculptor? - Mystery Roadside art, and Mystery Man

Totem sculpture, Brancusi-like, woods, after Baie Mare, Romania

This tall totem-type carved pole, or entire tree trunk, is located in the middle of an S curve on a road in the mountains. Workmen farther down said it was by Brancusi. Is this real, or a look-alike?  See http://www.brancusi.com. The mystery remains. For some of his work, see http://www.guggenheim.org/exhibitions/brancusi/overview.

This one was just suddenly there.


This gentleman also appeared in the middle of somebody's orchard as we drove by. Is it Brancusi?

Roadside woods sculpture, seated man, near Baia Mare, Romania

Constantin Brancusi was bearded (search images) mostly, and although he made a self-portrait, it does not resemble this at all. 

Travel tips. Packing: One to wash, one to wear, one for spare: plus:

 Travel Packing

What to take into an unknown.  In the fall, how cold will mountain areas be.  What is needed.  We took too much, but it all fit in our backpacks plus the small duffel we -- in those days -- could send through at no cost.  Fit the categories of items in plastic bags, one per type of clothing, and all in a backpack.  Then the security people can rummage more eaasily.

Looking back after a few years, see what we took, and what we did not need:  Dan, the gent, had about the same.
  • Ladies: lightweight, fast-dry; basically one of each to wash, one to wear, and one for spare.  We now, after several years, are down to one to wash and one to wear.
    • One lightweight duffel-backpack, with extra nylon empty duffel inside for overflow and to keep in the car for the seldom-wears.
    • Two synthetic poly long pants, black, tan. One belt.  One pair black jeans (Skip jeans - too heavy).
  • One black wind-rain top, with hood.
  • One fleece jacket.  Skip that.  Use the sweaters.
  • Two synthetic turtlenecks, black and gray.  One would do, but I liked a change.
  • Two cashmere pullovers, black and gray. Keep the two, if you do without a fleece.
  • Two short sleeve synthetic T-shirts, red and black.  Ok.
  • One pair hiking boots.  Skip that.
  • One pair black walking shoes, slip-ons, no laces.  Keep it simple.
  • One pair lightweight black flats - a must.  Double as slippers, eating out.  Keep those.
  • One longish skirt (splurge on Patagonia, and this is not a paid site but they do a good job)
    • long-ish, in case Orthodox monasteries require that ladies not remind men that women also have two appendages, called legs
    • a skirt like this was needed in Greece, where they forced a long hip shawl on you ifa you came in pants, but not in Romania after all.  
    • The skirt still was nice for pretend dress-up for dinner once in a while.
  • One wool watch cap. We could skip that. Pull up your hood and endure.
  • One pair gloves.  Skip
  • Three pairs socks; one pair knee-hose. Two is enough. Wash and wear.
  • Three pairs underwear, tops and bots.  Two pair of underpants and two bras will do.  Dry them on the back seat.
  • One lightweight robe, for trekking to bath.  Not needed. Take instead a substantial T-shirt dress, sleep in it, lounge in it, have a belt, and sashay down the hall fully dressed.  I have a black heavy T-shirt dress now.  Can go to dinner in it. No dedicated nightgown at all.
Beauty. What?
  • Minimal jams and jellies. Yes.  Your gorgeousness will survive two weeks of deprivation.  Does anyone else care if you have liver spots?  No.