Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Brancusi, sculptor? - Mystery Roadside art, and Mystery Man

Totem sculpture, Brancusi-like, woods, after Baie Mare, Romania

This tall totem-type carved pole, or entire tree trunk, is located in the middle of an S curve on a road in the mountains. Workmen farther down said it was by Brancusi. Is this real, or a look-alike?  See http://www.brancusi.com. The mystery remains. For some of his work, see http://www.guggenheim.org/exhibitions/brancusi/overview.

This one was just suddenly there.


This gentleman also appeared in the middle of somebody's orchard as we drove by. Is it Brancusi?

Roadside woods sculpture, seated man, near Baia Mare, Romania

Constantin Brancusi was bearded (search images) mostly, and although he made a self-portrait, it does not resemble this at all. 

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