Sunday, March 06, 2011

Putna. Painted Monastery; Cabanas for Hikers Trekkers

Monastery, Putna, Romania

Timing is important at monasteries. Arrive before 5 PM in order to hear the chanting here at Putna Monastery, in the north. We just missed it.
Putna is a welcoming place, with a fine hostel for the night. Look for "Cabana" on the signs. Stay at the local hostel. A late arrival is welcomed, and there will be good food nearby. 

Hostel, Putna, Romania. Cabana.

There are Cabanas for hikers and trekkers, and the rest of us, ranging from the clearly hotel-like, to the more informal youth rooms, conveniently spaced around Romania.  They were always safe and clean.  See

Cabanas:  Some boast their own companionably loud cafe. We chose some exercise and walked to another cafe in Putna on the main street. Dan, with Down Syndrome, often brings nods and smiles of recognition. In the town cafe, we sat in the pub room and watched the only tv show going:  a local wedding from earlier in the day,  If you are not an immediate invitee, participate in the pub later. Then someone motioned for us to follow, so we did, into another room where  another Down syndrome young man had been sitting with his parents, and were just leaving. We all gave especially long handshakes and smiles. Universals.