Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rosia Montana Village, Gabriel Resources Ltx., gold mining. Southeast from Cluj, northeast from Alba Iulia.

The Gabriel Project.

Not too far from Alba Iulia, or Hunedoara, is Rosia Montana Village.  For some it represents Transylvania's new life. For others, watch the persistent and persuasive Gabriel Resources Ltd; and its Romanian (20% is government-owned) subsidiary, Rosia Montana Gold Corp, work to prevail in obtaining 16 years of profit, at the expense of the rural local population, its heritage.  Who is getting whom to sign away what.  Is this the world's gold-mining 1%?  Will Romania's 99% benefit?

 The Gabriel Project at the small village of Rosia, Montana, may become real.

  • Little, rural, historic Rosia Montana shows signs of becoming a renewed mecca for global gold-miners, at least for the 16 years anticipated production.  With prices for gold rising, there may be momentum to destroy the 4-5 historic churches in the area, and President Traian Basescu seems to be on board.  Remaining issues include negotiating with Gabriel's Romanian, subsidiary, Rosia Montana Gold Corp. and lowering the cyanide to be dumped into the tailings pond ancillary to the project, and revising the profit-sharing with the government.

How to renegotiate with the people where many have already signed away mineral rights.  What information were they given? See similar issues here, at

 Fast contracts sounding great, but regretted with more information.  This
 sounds like the US fracking maneuvers.   But in Romania, the government itself owns some 20% of Rosia Montana Gold Corp.  What chance to individual farmers have.

Next step, if remaining approvals are given, a huge pit mine, destruction of ancient Roman mining galleries from the 2d-3rd Centuries, and exploitation of a "world-class reserve" for gold. Already, many of the 2000 residents have been bought out, reports the Toronto Globe and Mail, Monday, August 29, 2011, article "Gabriel's Romanian odyssey: A long-delayed gold project takes shape. Development plans for huge Rosia Montana mine are moving ahead. But not without new snags." Author: Eric Reguly, Rome by-line.

In 2007, the CEO of Gabriel called the government's then-blocking of the project "illegal.: What changed?  The price of gold.  What new or any protections are in place for the rural residents who, if you have been in that area, are hand-to-mouth.

Eric Reguly, your article addresses no human issues at all.  Opponents' views are given: the Rosia Rebels,  This is, say they in the article, "an environmental, heritage and social disaster."

But the reserves.  Oh, the reserves.  Everybody wants gold reserves if you are in the gold business. Go to Romania? If you believe in ethics, not under the current terms.  For 16 years of profit, to destroy a heritage. We vote no. But we don't count. Gold rush. Been there.