Friday, November 11, 2011

History and Culture. Romanian History and Haplogroups. Dacians and Danes.

Haplogroups. Genetic identity, and common ancestry. 

Populations can now be tracked as to their earlier migrations thanks to haplogrouping.  Romania, with its proud history of Dacians dating back to Roman times, and now perhaps earlier, can claim a new connection to Dacians in Denmark.  First, as to haplogroups, see  Second, Romanian history and haplogrouping, this particular page focusing in Vlachs, at

Romania:  The name derives from the Latin (Roman), with its influence in the north, Greek influence in the south.  There were migrations to Europe, the Danube.  Migrations back to Iran, Indo-Asia.

Now:  With strong northern European connections to Middle Eastern haplogroups, and a migratory path through Romania, the Caucasus, who can track, or is there a connection, between the Middle Eastern haplogroups and the Jewish.

 Is there an identifiable haplogroup, for example, for the tribes of Israel. Looking at the World Haplogroups site, above, I see none specifically for Jewish persons in the Middle East. Biblically, is that few of the 12 tribes can be tracked.  Others are lost. However, efforts are ongoing to identify by a Jewish haplogroup, see  A more cautious note is laid out in a more scholarly way at

Speculate responsibly about the lost Israelite Tribe of Dan, for example, and the origin of the Danes, and that migratory path, see