Sunday, October 28, 2007

Moisei, Maramures; WWII, Roadside Memorial, Jews in Romania

Moisei, Romania. Maramures. Memorial to Jews killed here.

Maramures is a northwestern region with strong traditions and rural villages. See Ieud at

We were never far from reminders of WWII tragedies in Romania. See the discussions of why Romania joined the Axis.  See

Jews in Romania:
  • Moisei:  At Moisei, a little village on the way to Signetu Marmetje in northwestern Maramures, there is a particularly moving memorial comprised of a circle of standing stones on a hill. . I understand that this had been a largely Jewish community, but numbers are not clear. See

There were about 125 families. Villagers had fled to the forests to escape the Nazis, who followed and captured up to three dozen people, and after terrible things, shot them through the windows in the locked little farmhouse where they had been imprisoned. We found a standing-stone type of memorial here. Only the farmhouse itself was left standing. The rest of the town was burned to the ground and the inhabitants left to forage in the deep winter in the forests. It is now a small, industrial, dark town.

We are isolated here in the US, without daily reminders of what people are capable of in war.

  • Pilgrimage:  There is a pilgrimage festival at Moisei on August 15 every year, not connected to the war. We missed it, but here it is for you:

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