Friday, November 15, 2013

Bucharest area. Current Events: Buzescu and Roma, Tsigani, Gypsies

We found several towns where the Roma arriving for an evening's entertainment, perhaps a casino, as in Sighisoara, were in limousines, in beautiful, lavish clothing.  Here, however, is the first article we found affirming that population's presence elsewhere:  National Geographic, September 2012.  Buzescu is south of Bucharest. We did not get there. Is it instead Buzescu Sidonia, near Pitest; or Buzescu HM, farther south from Pitest.

Of special interest is nomenclature.  We understand that "Gypsy" is often seen as derogatory, with a cultural preference for "Roma" instead.  Yet, both may well be needed for more direct communication with those of us on the outside, who are not familiar with Roma as different from Rome, etc. 

Here, we learn that some Roma in Buzescu, Romania, prefer to be called Gypsies or Tsigani.   

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