Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Bucharest, Count Dracula Club, fried rats to eat

The Dracula Club, Bucharest, Romania
The Dracula Club, Bucharest. Excellent for Halloween. Knock, and a little door in the big door opens and a face peers out. This is a reputable fine food supper club-restaurant, not just a come-on. See  This may not be the place for a romantic proposal, but it served all our other purposes.

Enter and find yourself tightly embraced by the hospitality.

Dan Widing meets Dracula, Count Dracula Club, Bucharest, Romania (on Halloween)

Enjoy the decor.  People, or parts of people, emerge from the walls.

Enjoy the fried rats - looked like chicken breast with dark pumpernickel breadcrumb coating, pimento puree within, and long tails and whiskers of something, perhaps fried angel hair pasta? See what else is offered, at

Halloween was dress-up night. Watch for the really good actor who suddenly descends from the ceiling, seeking Mina, Mina, Mina; and grabbing bites where he can.  You may not be studying for an exam on Dracula, but get the overview on Mina at this crib site,

Who else has visited there? Mwah ha ha.  See Dinner At The Count's at   Fitting an unfortunate stereotype, there was a group of American tour guides there at our visit.  They were rude and intolerant, barely tasting the fine buffet prepared.  This was not a friendly group at all. One even said aloud, in the face of a lavish and excellent variety of hot and cold foods, that she never ate local food.  I hope she chooses another career.

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